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Talking Pest Control: Quick Tips for Cockroach Control

Aimee's quick tips for cockroach control

Cockroaches are one of the most stubborn pests to control! That’s why Syngenta has released, DEMAND DUO Insecticide. Its two actives give it double power, resulting in a fast knock down, even against German Cockroaches, and long-lasting residual control. It can be used on surfaces both inside and out, making it perfect for treating cockroaches. For the best results indoors, including homes, as well as bars & restaurants, apply as a crack & crevice, spot, void or banded treatment. And of course do not spray on any food prep surfaces.

DEMAND DUO provides rapid knockdown of hard-to-control pests like German cockroaches while continuing to work for you up to 90 days. DEMAND DUO outpaces other formulations’ knockdown capabilities while also outperforming on longevity. It does not matter if DEMAND DUO is on a porous or non-porous surface, it performs strongly on almost all surfaces due to the unique ZC formulation. Learn more here. 

For those areas that are not suited for spray application, for example food-prep areas  and high-risk appliances which you don’t want to spray for health reasons, ADVION Cockroach Gel is the perfect fit within a treatment program. This advanced gel is not only irresistible to cockroaches; as a leading bait solution, its powerful mode of action controls the entire population. ADVION is powered by indoxacarb: an active ingredient with a unique mode of action that spreads rapidly to other cockroaches. Once a cockroach is exposed, it unleashes a three-step chain reaction, known as the Domino Effect or Horizontal Transfer. ADVION is spread through the population through normal cockroach behaviours (e.g. ingestion of faeces and secretions), resulting in the quick elimination of cockroach infestations. 

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