Syngenta is now serving the next EVOLUTION in cockroach gels

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ADVION® Evolution Cockroach Gel is the latest in gel bait technology from Syngenta to the Australian professional pest management industry. The new enhanced formulation provides increased bait consumption and improved speed of kill, even when compared with ADVION® Cockroach Gel.

The active ingredient in ADVION® Evolution Cockroach Gel is indoxacarb – meaning that you get many similar benefits to the original ADVION® Cockroach Gel you already know. Both ADVION gels are non-staining, have no odor, don’t run, are non-repellent and come in an easy-to-use syringe.

New and improved bait matrix

The difference however is the new bait matrix, which has been developed to be even more attractive than the original ADVION® Cockroach Gel. It’s the revised balance of sugars and proteins and their type that has demonstrated increased attraction.

Studies show that ADVION® Evolution has increased attraction and bait consumption, leading to an improved speed of kill. Which is an improved outcome for your customer. 

Bio-activation and Tertiary Kill

ADVION® Cockroach gels contain a non-repellent active ingredient called indoxacarb: a pro-insecticide which is bio-activated into a highly potent insecticide only after it enters the cockroach’s body. Once the gel bait is ingested, the cockroach’s unique metabolic enzymes process the indoxacarb to become its active form. Crucially, only insects have high enough concentrations of the metabolic enzymes needed for bio-activation to occur. This means reduced impact to non-target organisms.

A key feature of indoxacarb is the tertiary kill (or transfer), which is a type of horizontal transfer of insecticide. Horizontal transfer occurs when insecticide is passed among individuals of the same population. Research has shown a primary donor can transfer an active ingredient to primary recipients, which then become secondary donors.

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For example, the diagram shows how a single adult cockroach can consume a lethal dose of indoxacarb, which in turn kills many nymphs (secondary mortality). These nymphs then become donors and can kill other cockroaches (tertiary kill).

With its new enhanced formulation, ADVION® Evolution is THE bait to control even the toughest cockroach.

ADVION® Evolution Cockroach Gel is available now from your favourite Syngenta stockist.

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