About Us

Syngenta Professional Pest Management is committed to delivering innovative pest control solutions and a broader range of support services to help you succeed as a pest management professional and help your customers get on with life uninterrupted from pests.

Strength from a global R&D company

Syngenta is a global research, development and technology company with headquarters in Switzerland. It employs 28,000 people, in more than 100 countries with 116 R&D sites. Annually $1.3bn is invested on research in insect, weed and disease control as well as emerging opportunities.

Extensive and expanding innovative product range

The range that Syngenta can offer today’s professional pest manager continues to grow and expand. The products combat all kinds of pest issues, responsibly and efficiently, providing better solutions for both residential and commercial pest control problems that you face every day.

Service and technical support

Syngenta thinks beyond just products to find ways to help you as a pest management professional build your business, by supporting the industry in general and through tailored training. They have a team of dedicated professionals who are available to support you with sales or technical issues.

Count on Syngenta PPM to help you build a better pest control business
Who is Syngenta PPM in APAC?