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Talking Pest Control: The Double Knockout

Aimee Joe Commercial Kitchen Cockroach

ADVION and ARILON: the double knockout

When dealing with persistent cockroach problems, the best solution is not just one product, but a pair: ARILON Insecticide and ADVION Cockroach Gel.

Each product is effective on its own – ARILON is one of the most versatile spray insecticides around, while ADVION gel baits are highly attractive and palatable to a wide range of cockroach species. It’s when they are used together, though, that they really pack a punch.

A knockout combination

Each product focuses on a different area where cockroach activity occurs: ADVION suits high-risk appliances which you don’t want to spray for health reasons, while ARILON works well in those hard-to-reach crevices cockroaches love to hide in. This makes their combination very effective in situations where superior cockroach control is needed, such as commercial kitchens, warehouses and areas with persistent infestations. When used together, both products improve the active ingredient uptake and speed of control, which delivers a broader, longer-lasting treatment zone compared to just using one product on its own.

Both ARILON and ADVION are also non-repellents, which further increases their success rate. The problem with using traditional spray pesticides in combination with non-repellent products, is the risk of deterring cockroaches from eating any gel baits you’ve laid out. You don’t have to worry about this with ARILON and ADVION, as both work together to ensure as much active ingredient is ingested as possible.

A knockout active ingredient

ARILON and ADVION’s potency comes down to a powerful active ingredient called indoxacarb. This chemical has a unique mode of action that spreads through a cockroach population in several stages:

  1. Indoxacarb is picked up by cockroaches as they walk through ARILON and eat ADVION gel baits
  2. The active ingredient’s slower acting formulation slightly delays mortality, giving poisoned cockroaches time to return to the harbourage and contaminate other cockroaches and nymphs
  3. This transforms infected parties into donors of the active ingredient. As the dead nymphs and excretions are eaten by other cockroaches, the active ingredient spreads again, killing another round of cockroaches.

Through this process, the indoxacarb spreads rapidly through the entire cockroach population with powerful results, even for jobs that have been previously resistant to other treatments. Combining ADVION with ARILON further improves on the outcome, leading to better control, less callbacks and happier customers.

Both products have other benefits that help make your job easier:

  • Both are relatively easy to use – ADVION gel baits can be easily applied to vertical surfaces, while ARILON features a user-friendly WDG (water dispersible granule) formulation
  • ARILON and ADVION are HACCP certified, making them products of choice in sensitive situations such as schools, food-handling establishments and hospitals
  • Both are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as well as commercial and domestic jobs
  • ADVION has excellent initial bait acceptance and retains its palatability for up to three months
  • ARILON controls a wide range of pests as well as cockroaches, including ants, houseflies and termites

Use them either together for a tough job, or on their own, and your customers will thank you.