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Commercial Pest Control

Complete spectrum of cockroaches. Superior transfer for colony control.

ADVION Cockroach Gel is a highly palatable gel bait that provides cockroach control like no other.

ADVION Cockroach Gel is powered by indoxacarb which has a unique mode of action allowing for the primary, secondary and tertiary control of cockroaches.

One cockroach exposed to ADVION Cockroach Gel unleashes a three step chain reaction. A primary cockroach is exposed to the gel through direct ingestion of the highly palatable bait. The toxicant is then spread through the population via normal cockroach behaviours such as ingestion of faeces and secretions from affected cockroaches.

These secondary and tertiary effects provide the exponential control and the quick elimination of cockroach infestations. Complete population control is achieved as ADVION Cockroach Gel will reach the entire population when adequate gel is applied.

Ideal for use in commercial situations

With the constant moving of foodstuffs, pallets and boxes in and out of commercial situations, cockroach infestation is a common occurrence. ADVION Cockroach Gel can be transferred to these introduced cockroaches even after the initial consumption has occurred.

It is highly recommended that ADVION Cockroach Gel is a targeted harbourage and crack & crevice application to maximise the effectiveness of the product.

To further enhance the control of larger populations in commercial and domestic situations ARILON non-repellent insecticide also containing indoxacarb, can be applied prior to application of the gel. This application technique has been shown to improve the uptake of gel and not detract from the gel as other sprays will do. Note: Never apply synthetic pyrethroid products with gels as this will stop the consumption of bait and inhibit control of the population.


Fast, thorough control of a wide spectrum of cockroaches

Highly attractant gel formulation

Product of choice in sensitive situations such as schools, food handling establishments and hospitals

Consistent quality formulation

HACCP certified

Easy application and can be applied to vertical surfaces

Indoor or outdoor use