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More advanced chemistry, now even more flexible

Outstanding performance against a wide variety of ants, cockroaches and houseflies.

The unique mode of action of ARILON makes this non-repellent insecticide a flexible option for pest managers. ARILON can be used to directly treat active pest infestations or as a routine preventative spray. You simply cannot use a synthetic pyrethroid and receive the same results as you can with ARILON.

Powerful mode of action

ARILON contains indoxacarb, an active ingredient that is bio-activated by the internal enzymes in target insects converting it to a potent insecticide. An added advantage of the bio-active conversion by the enzymes is that the slight delay ensures the insect transfers ARILON to other insects before dying, thus providing more comprehensive population control.

Ant and cockroach colony control

Studies show ARILON can work within 48 hours to quickly achieve effective pest control. The slight delay in action allows pests to carry the product back to the harbourage site, transfer to others and provide thorough knockdown. ARILON effectively controls a diverse range of pest species.

Application flexibility

ARILON has excellent control of cockroaches and ants and can be used in conjunction with gels. When sprayed prior to the application of ADVION Ant or Cockroach Gel there is increased consumption of the gels. Furthermore, it has been tested and proven on a variety of surfaces, for a wide spectrum of pests both indoors and outdoors making it a flexible tool for pest managers.


Non-repellent – can be used in conjunction with ADVION and OPTIGARD gels

Superior transfer through colony members of target pests

Can be used inside and outside premises

Suitable for a broad range of surfaces

Ideal in pyrethroid resistance management programs

For use in commercial and domestic situations

HACCP certified

No odour and non-staining

Easy-to-use, water dispersible granule formulation

Registered for remedial termite control, including Mastotermes spp.