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Horizontal Transfer or "The Domino Effect"

Horizontal Transfer - Advion Training Modules

ADVION video education series.

Module 5 of 5: Horizontal Transfer, or "The Domino Effect".

The holy grail of dealing with ant and cockroach problems is the Domino Effect: when a pest that is poisoned by the active ingredient then infects other insects in its harbourage or nest, resulting in the eradication of the entire colony.

This has many benefits for your business, such as getting on top of infestations the first time, less call-backs, cost-effective treatments and more satisfied clients. It can also be successfully achieved through ADVION cockroach and ant gel baits.

How the Domino Effect works

ADVION gel baits contain a non-repellent active ingredient called indoxacarb: a unique mode of action which spreads quickly to pests, but is delayed in its effects.

This delayed mortality is crucial, as it allows the insect to consume the bait and return to its harbourage or colony to contaminate other pests before dying. This is called ‘horizontal transfer’ and results in the secondary kill of the cockroaches and ants who do not go out and forage.

Horizontal transfer works slightly differently for each species.

For cockroaches:

  • Live roaches feed off the faeces, secretions and even the remains of the infected cockroaches in the harbourage, leading to additional control.
  • Due to the behaviour patterns of cockroaches, ADVION cockroach bait can even be transferred to a third group of cockroaches by the same mechanism as described above. This is called a ‘tertiary kill’. Only ADVION gel bait has demonstrated this effect, leading to more thorough control.

For ants:

  • In contrast to cockroaches, ants feed actively with their colony members. The worker ants forage for food and store it in their ‘social stomach’. They later regurgitate the food in liquid form and distribute it to other hungry nest mates through a process called trophallaxis. It’s through this process that the active ingredient is spread into the entire colony.

The horizontal transfer of indoxacarb leads to control of the entire colony, resulting in superior pest control. ADVION’s Domino Effect helps you deliver the results you need – without the need for additional products and call-backs.

For more information on ADVION gel baits, please get in touch with your local Syngenta agent or call 1800 022 035.


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