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Are you seeing double?

Double Aimee for Demand Duo

Don’t get your eyes checked just yet. If you think you’re seeing double, you’d be right. Aimee Stanton from Syngenta’s “Talking Pest Control” video series, is back to talk all things Demand Duo. And this time she’s bringing double the power.

Aimee will be consulting with trusted trade professionals and sharing top tips on how to get the most out of this new and unique product. Demand Duo’s first-to-Australia ZC formulation means there a whole new category of formulation for you to consider. And this series is all about arming you with the knowledge to most effectively use the new Demand Duo Insecticide, as well as how to explain your choice of product to the rest of your team and your customers.

Filming the series during COVID-19 presented a challenge to the Syngenta team; different restrictions in different states, travel, and most importantly making sure the crew and talent were kept safe and healthy. We are all becoming familiar with video calls, and this filming shoot was no different; with the director video conferencing into the shoot, and a greatly reduced crew on site, and everyone pitching in where they could. Aimee even lent Syngenta her home to film in!

Talking Pest Control, series 2 includes: 

The new series will continue to be released over the next few months on our Facebook page, our YouTube channel and through our enewsletter list. Be sure to subscribe to one (or all) of these channels so that you don't miss out! 

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