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Talking Pest Control: Quick Tips for Ant Control

Aimee's Quick Tips for Ant Control

The key to eradicating ants is to identify and locate the nest and their trails and foraging areas. Treat these areas directly if possible, and add a perimeter treatment to protect specific areas from invasion. It sounds simple, but let's go into a bit more detail. 

Be sure to inspect for ants both indoors and outdoors,. Looking for ant trails, scouts, ingress points and nests. Pay close attention to overhanging foliage, adjoining structures (decks or pergolas), exterior cracks, gaps, garden beds, entryways and shaded areas that could be a source of food or water. Remember you are treating a colony in an environment, not a lone insect.

It is sometimes necessary to treat entry points to deter foraging (or scout) ants indoors, such as areas around doors and windows frames, weep holes or even in subfloors and under the eaves and awnings. 

Inspect garden beds, landscape ornamentals and plants (e.g. palms and succulents) that are close to the home as sources for water and food. Applications or items such as fertilizer or manure (dog droppings), flowers (pollen) or plants with naturally occurring sticky sap etc. can be a commonly overlooked as a source of sustenance for ants. Caution should be taken with other native and non-native pollinators (wasps, butterflies and bees etc.). Other insects such as honeydew-producing insects, can also attract and encourage ant populations. These tertiary insects may need a differing treatment approach, so please, consult the product label or a local horticulturalist.

Apply DEMAND DUO Insecticide directly to foraging ant trails and nests when possible. It delivers fast knockdown and long residual of up to 90 days against ants, and the iCAP encapsulation of the synthetic pyrethroid (lambda-cyhalothrin) demonstrates non-repellent effects on ants. For areas where sprays are not suitable, ADVION or OPTIGARD Ant Gels are recommended.

DEMAND DUO controls not only ants, but also bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, fleas, paper nest wasps, millipedes, spiders and silverfish. This unique ZC formulation is the first of its kind in Australia, and it delivers fast knockdown kill and long lasting residual control. The product is a combination of two powerful actives, thiamethoxam and lambda-cyhalothrin, that together hit hard and really go the distance. 

For more information, remember you can call our customer service team on 1800 022 035 or contact your local sales representative.

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