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Kills the queen. Destroys the ants in the nest.

Controls not only the ants you can see but more importantly the ones you can’t.

OPTIGARD ANT BAIT GEL contains a highly palatable bait matrix. This recipe is designed to make OPTIGARD irresistible to sugar feeding ants. This highly palatable bait is infused with thiamethoxam, a non-repellent active ingredient that is transferred back to the nest eliminating ant colonies, avoiding call backs and retreatments for professional pest managers.

OPTIGARD is effective on a broad spectrum of ants including:

• Argentine Ant • Black House Ant • Sugar Ant • Ghost Ant • White Footed Ant • Pedicel Ant

OPTIGARD is highly effective in controlling ant colonies in the following areas:

• Commercial • Domestic • Industrial • Hotels • Schools • Restaurants • Hospitals • Food Processing Facilities

Total colony control

Ants often nest under paving, foundations or in wall cavities which makes access difficult and eradication even harder. The correct placement of OPTIGARD (indoors and outdoors) will maximise its transfer to the nest, thereby killing the queen and ants in the nest. Worker ants that feed on OPTIGARD return to the nest and transfer the non-repellent active ingredient (thiamethoxam) to the colony members and queen(s). Total colony control can be achieved within 7 days with workers reduced within 48 hours.

Outstanding performance

OPTIGARD will ensure client satisfaction by controlling ants in a clean and invisible manner due to the unique characteristics of the gel. OPTIGARD has excellent longevity, palatability and ant handling characteristics. OPTIGARD will remain highly palatable for at least 14 days.


Clear, non-staining on all treated surfaces


Highly stacle and palatable formulation

Controls a broad range of ant species

Impacts all life stages for total colony control

HACCP certified

Easy application and can be applied to vertical surfaces

Indoor and outdoor use