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Including a barrier insecticide as part of your control program is ideal, given mosquitoes like to rest in shaded areas created by ornamental plants and outdoor furniture.

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Syngenta uses iCap technology to extend DEMAND’s residual effect. iCap packages DEMAND’s active ingredient, lambda-cyhalothrin, in dual-walled, multi-sized microcaps.

Microencapsulation delivering sustained long lasting control

The active ingredient remains protected from the environment within the microcapsules and this protection delivers the extended duration of effect.

In addition, the capsule size has been optimised so that insects moving over treated surfaces pick up microcapsules on their bodies. Once attached to the insects, the active ingredient rapidly moves out of the capsule and into the insect, providing a rapid knockdown effect followed by quick kill.

When a surface is treated, more than 64,000 microcaps per square metre stick to the treated surface. As insects land, the microcaps attach to their waxy cuticles and spread to other insects. The smaller microcaps release the active ingredient quickly, resulting in fast knockdown. The larger microcaps remain intact longer, releasing the active ingredient for up to 90 days. This is what gives DEMAND its long-lasting effect. If used correctly, you can control mosquitoes and other insect pests with reapplication intervals of no more than 10 weeks.



Fast knockdown

Excellent residual action

Wide range of pests listed on label

Works on a wide range of surfaces

Economic application


Low odour and non-staining

HACCP certified