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When to use DEMAND vs DEMAND DUO

Demand vs Demand Duo

With the release of DEMAND DUO Insecticide, you’re probably wondering where DEMAND Insecticide now fits into the picture.

If you want to know the practical theory of where these products perform best, then we’ve broken that down into a nutshell just below, and in the video at the bottom of the page. And if you’re looking to compare the technical aspects side-by-side, we’ve also included that.


The practical differences

Rather than delve into all the technical talk, you probably just want to know the practical differences, and how you can achieve the best results for your customers from each product.

DEMAND Insecticide

What makes DEMAND unique is that it is one of the few insecticides in Australia that can be applied on foliage and ornamental shrubs. This makes it the perfect ‘go-to’ product for outdoor mosquito problems.

Whether it’s a backyard barbeque, a beer garden or the local park, your customers will have up to 14 weeks of outdoor control from those biting little buggers.

DEMAND DUO Insecticide

DEMAND DUO however, is your go-to for pretty much everything else, in and around buildings, especially the tough pests. If you’re struggling with a tough German Cockroach infestation, or even a resistant strain of Bed Bugs, DEMAND DUO is the solution. It hits hard and really goes the distance.

Plus the label instructions have the same dilution volume for all surfaces. Which means there’s no need to change the mix when you move from porous and non-porous surfaces.


The technical differences

Now we’ll delve into the technical details for those of you who like to know the science of it all (refer to the labels for full details):

  DEMAND Insecticide DEMAND DUO Insecticide

25 g/L Lambda-cyhalothrin

38 g/L Lambda-cyhalothrin + 125 g/L Thiamethoxam



ZC formulation, CS + SC
(Microencapsulated Capsule Suspension + Suspension Concentrate)

Chemical Family:


Pyrethroid, Neonicotinoid

Mode of Action:

Group 3A Insecticide

Group 3A 4A Insecticide

Specialty formulation details

DEMAND uses iCAP™ technology, encasing the active ingredient in a polymer microcapsule. Utilising leading dual wall technology ensures the microcapsule is protected from premature deterioration due to heat, UV light and pH extremes.

Over 64,000 microcapsules stick to every square metre of surface, ready to be picked up by insects. The smaller microcapsules release the active ingredient quickly for a fast knock-down effect. The larger microcapsules remain intact for longer, releasing the active ingredient for residual control up to 12 months in certain situations.

The unique ZC formulation combines a suspension concentrate (SC) of Thiamethoxam and capsule suspension (CS) of Lambda-cyhalothrin into a powerful single product.

The longevity and knockdown capabilities of DEMAND DUO is due to the unique ZC formulation and combination of active ingredients. The formulation stays stable on surfaces due to the quality milling and distribution size of the SC component, combined with industry leading iCAP™ encapsulation, which makes it effective at maintaining control by ensuring a gradual diffusion over a long period of time. While the combination of Thiamethoxam and Lambda cyhalothrin attack different insect functions, resulting in greater performance than either achieve alone.

Pest spectrum

Controls – Ants, German and American Cockroaches, Cat Flea, House Flies, Mosquitoes, Silverfish and Spiders.

Controls – Ants, Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Fleas, Flies, Portuguese Millipedes, Paper Nest Wasps, Silverfish and Spiders.

Treatment situation

Can be used indoors and outdoors, on porous and non-porous surfaces, against a broad spectrum of pests.

Can be used indoors and outdoors, on porous and non-porous surfaces, against a broad spectrum of pests.


Treatment of foliage such as backyard shrubs and ornamental plants for mosquito control, making it a great backyard solution.

General application to vegetation for pests that may occasion foliage locations.

Dilution rate

Apply at a rate of 5 L of spray solution per 100m2 for all uses.

Apply at a rate of 5 L of spray solution per 100m2 for all uses.

Clean out rate

160 – 200 mL / 10 L

40 mL/5 L

Maintenance rate

100 – 200 mL / 10 L

20 mL/5 L


Low odour, non-staining.

Low odour, non-staining.

Refer to label for full details. 


Two different Demand products and so many ways to use them both.

For more information remember you can call our customer service team on 1800 022 035 or contact your local sales representative.

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