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Did that plant just speak to me?

Demand 100CS plant whisperer hero

No need to be concerned, the plants weren’t talking, but they just might if you used DEMAND® 100CS like Aimee Stanton from Syngenta’s “Talking Pest Control” video series. She’s back and has picked up a new talent – a plant whisperer.

Aimee will be discussing the many benefits of this general pest spray, using unique iCAPTM technology. The cost-effective insecticide can be used both indoors and out as well as on foliage! This series will also take you through why and when to use DEMAND® DUO and DEMAND® 100CS. When your customers demand the best and you want to kill the pests and kill the call back, use DEMAND.   

Once again filming the series during a second year of COVID-19 was difficult. The Syngenta team were lucky enough to get down to Victoria once border restrictions were lifted. It was hard not to laugh, we were also faced with back burn smoke, a chainsaw and cars being washed next door.

Talking Pest Control, series 3 includes:

  • The Plant Whisperer (see below)
  • DEMAND® 100CS - extra features and benefits
  • The DEMAND® Family – Demand the best. Kill the callback.
  • Mozzie Facts

Series 3 has been released on our Facebook page, Youtube channel and through our eNewsletter list. Be sure to subscribe to one (or all) of these channels so that you don't miss out! 

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