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Talking Pest Control: Quick Tips for Flea Control

Talking Pest Control: Quick Tips for Flea Control

Does talking about fleas make you itch? For that reason alone, fleas have got to be one of the most hated of all pests.

To get the best results for any home flea treatment, there are a couple of simple things you should do before application. Be sure to remove all pets, as well as clean and vacuum any flea-infested areas. And remember to dispose of any waste that's lying around to prevent re-infestation.

Do a thorough inspection of the area, and spray DEMAND DUO Insecticide to all known flea harbourages with the initial clean out rate for rapid knockdown and maximum residual protection. Treat areas traditionally known to harbor fleas, such as dog kennels. Perimeter treatments around structures can also reduce fleas breeding outdoors. 

With two active ingredients - thiamethoxam and lambda-cyhalothrin - in a unique ZC formulation that combines a suspension concentrate and capsule suspension using iCap technology, DEMAND DUO gives you double power, with a fast knock down and long-lasting residual control. 

There's a great video on Flea Facts that we're sure you would enjoy. And you can find more videos in the Talking Pest Control series here!

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