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You can’t control a pest if they aren’t tempted by the bait

ADVION video series: Palatability is key

ADVION video education series.

Module 3 of 5: Product palatability, or why ADVION is the bait pests prefer

Product palatability is crucial when dealing with ants and cockroaches – after all, you can’t control a pest if they aren’t tempted to take the bait in the first place.

The good news is that ADVION gel baits are highly palatable to cockroaches and ants, especially compared to other gel products on the market. This is backed up by research, as recent studies show ADVION cockroach gel baits are much more attractive to roaches than other baits tested, even with alternative food options offered at the same time.

ADVION’s palatability is partly due to the product’s consistency. ADVION ant bait, for example, is especially formulated as a gel that can be applied like a solid, but has an outer liquid phase. This makes ADVION appealing to a variety of ant species, as most ants prefer to consume liquids rather than solids.


Palatability that lasts for better control

An additional benefit of ADVION gel baits is its long-term effectiveness – it isn’t just highly palatable immediately after application, but remains stable, attractive and effective for up to 3 months.

The latest field studies show an application in a suitable bait station maintains the moisture (and hence attractiveness) of ADVION ant gel for up to a month. Furthermore, trials on gel spots that have been aged for over a year demonstrate that despite appearing dry, the gel still remains palatable and delivers 100% efficacy.

This is also true for cockroaches: tests comparing a 2-year-old ADVION cockroach bait with a 5-month-old bait shows the gel still has an extremely high attraction rate after 2 years, despite the presence of alternative food sources.

The palatability of ADVION gel baits, combined with its longevity, makes it an effective solution for cockroach and ant control that keeps clients happy.


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