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How to best apply ADVION ant and cockroach gel baits

Advion Training Video - Application

ADVION video education series.

Module 2 of 5: How to best apply ADVION ant and cockroach gel bait

Like many products in pest control, ADVION gel baits are most effective against ant and cockroach infestations when applied in the appropriate way.

The good news is that application is easy if you use a bait gun. ADVION cartridges are designed to be compatible with any standard bait gun on the commercial market, or they can be applied using a plunger and the tip provided in the package.

Here are some application tips for treating cockroach and ant infestations with ADVION:

  • Always refer to the safety instructions and use appropriate equipment. If used according to the label instructions, ADVION gel has a low toxicity profile and poses minimal risk to applicators, householders, pets and the environment.
  • Remove pets from the treatment area before application. While people can be present while ADVION is being applied, keep dogs and cats away from the area, and avoid applying the gel where they can be reached by animals and children.
  • Keep ADVION away from food. To prevent accidental contamination, make sure you avoid places where food and utensils might be handled, stored or consumed.
  • Don’t place gel in areas that are frequently cleaned, as the bait may be removed. Also, don’t apply around drains and consider placing the ADVION gel in a commercial bait stations, as this will further protect the product from dust, pets and children.
  • ADVION gel stays where it is placed. Due to its consistency, the gel and bait stations can be applied vertically, horizontally and on the underside of surfaces without the gel running or dripping.
  • Don’t apply the gel everywhere around the room in equal amounts. To achieve the best results, only apply at insect activity hot spots.
  • Measure the size of the room to be treated so you can apply the right amount of gel. Low infestations require 1 spot for ants and 2 spots for cockroaches per square metre; high infestations require 4-5 spots per square metre.


Applying for ant infestations

Ants and cockroaches have different feeding habits, so must be dealt with differently. Ants forage and use trail pheromones to lead other members of its colony towards the food source. To most effectively get rid of them, apply gel baits in large spots (up to 1cm wide) along the ant trail, so that several ants can feed at the same time.

Placing ADVION preventatively around the room is not recommended for ants. Instead, place the gel directly along the ant trail and at the entrances to buildings where you can see living ants. The recommended dosage depends on the level of infestation. For low infestations where only a few ants are visible, apply 1 spot of gel per square metre. For high infestations where dozens or even hundreds of ants are visible along the trail, apply 4-5 spots per square metre.


Applying for cockroach infestations

Unlike ants, cockroaches feed on their own and sometimes try to defend their food sources. To increase their chances of finding the bait, apply ADVION in lots of small spots so that multiple cockroaches can feed at the same time. Place the gel where you see faecal spots, shed skins or even living roaches. As a general rule:

  • low cockroach infestation – no insects in the day, hardly any spots of faeces and shed skin
  • high cockroach infestation – insects visible in the day, lots of faeces spots and shed skin

The recommended dose for cockroach infestations is 2 spots for low infestations, and 4-5 spots for high infestations – or large oriental and American cockroach infestations.

As part of a preventative approach, distribute ADVION gel baits where you expect cockroaches to hide or seek food and shelter: for example, under sinks, behind fridges, in and around sockets, in cracks and crevices.


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