ADVION Evolution Cockroach Gel CTA

Syngenta is now serving the next EVOLUTION in cockroach gels

ADVION® Evolution Cockroach Gel is the latest in gel bait technology from Syngenta to the Australian professional pest management industry.

TALON GT Pro Rodenticide Grain Bait Block

Introducing TALON® GT Pro Rodenticide Grain Bait Block

This new addition to the TALON® family of brodifacoum-based rodenticides is a palatable rodenticide which kills rats and mice in a single feed.

Demand 100CS now available

DEMAND® 100CS is now available

We are excited to announce the launch of DEMAND® 100CS Insecticide, a cost-effective general pest spray to hit the market.

Talking Pest Control: Mozzie Facts

Talking Pest Control: Mozzie Facts

Discover five fun facts about mosquitoes from Aimee Stanton.

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