Introducing TALON® GT Pro: a new addition to the trusted TALON brand

TALON GT Pro Rodenticide Grain Bait Block

TALON® GT Pro Rodenticide Grain Bait Block from Syngenta is the new addition to the TALON® family of brodifacoum-based rodenticides. This palatable rodenticide provides pest managers with a quality grain block which kills rats and mice in a single feed. It is for use in and around homes, agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings.

New grain bait block

The high-quality extruded block contains a special milled multigrain mix, food grade attractants bound with wax, anti-moulding agents and a human taste deterrent. It features gnawing channel grooves and exposed grain surfaces. You will find TALON®GT Pro to be an easy-to-handle product, and your customers will appreciate the minimal odour.

TALON GT Pro Rodenticide Grain Bait Block

Proven results

Brodifacoum – the active ingredient of the TALON®rodenticide range — kills rats and mice in a single feed, making it an exceptional solution for both residential and commercial situations.

Meet the whole family

The TALON® brand is trusted to deliver results. And now with two block formulations, you have flexible options for different rodent situations. Classic TALON® XT Pro Wax Blocks provide you with high weatherability and durability. Making it a go-to option for maintenance and/or monitoring situations. And the TALON® Rat & Mouse Killer Pellets provide a smaller profile for limited or restricted access applications where blocks cannot be physically or securely placed.

The new TALON®GT Pro Grain Bait Blocks are great to use when there is high rodent activity and you want increased uptake. The special milled multigrain extruded block allows for an improved range of rodent feeding preferences.

TALON® GT Pro is a great option for situations such as:

  • where there are high alternative food sources
  • when feeding/block uptake is limited
  • in rotation with the highly weatherable and durable TALON® XT Pro Wax Blocks.

TALON® GT Pro Rodenticide – rodents would come back for more…if they could.

*Always read the product label before use.

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