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Talon Hero Shot Train Station

Highly palatable. Highly effective.

TALON XT PRO is a highly palatable, effective and versatile single feed rodenticide for professionals.

TALON XT PRO incorporates the potent brodifacoum in a resilient cast block, controlling resistant rodent populations and delivering exceptional results, every time.

Formulation design

TALON XT PRO wax blocks are moisture and weather resistant with a central indent in each block allowing them to be easily secured within baiting stations as is recommended by best industry practice. TALON XT PRO wax blocks are 20 g each and ideally suited for use in commercial situations and domestic situations. The integrity of the bait matrix inhibits rodents from removing large portions of the blocks from stations.

TALON XT PRO contains a human taste deterrent (bittering agent) and in the case of accidental ingestion the antidote vitamin K1 is readily available.


Single feed formulation

Highly palatable, highly durable formulation

HACCP certified

Requires less bait and less labour than most rodenticides

Economical (500 blocks per 10 kg)

Clean and easy to use

High integrity block 

Kills rodents that are resistant to other rodenticides