TALON XT PRO Rodenticide

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Superior rodent control that saves you money.

TALON XT PRO is a highly palatable, effective and versatile single feed rodenticide for professionals.

TALON XT PRO Rodenticide kills rats and mice in a single feed, making it an exceptional solution for both residential and commercial infestations. Its wax block format also means treating with TALON requires less bait and labour compared to other rodenticides, helping you deliver long-lasting results while saving money.

The Benefits

A highly effective rodent solution

  • Palatable bait that kills rats and mice in a single feed
  • High integrity wax blocks are moisture resistant, weather resistant and durable in all sorts of conditions, providing long-lasting results
  • Kills rodents that are resistant to other rodenticides

More economical than you think

  • TALON delivers value for money with 500 blocks per 10 kg pail
  • To economise, you can use a ‘pulsed baiting’ technique and put out small quantities of bait at weekly intervals
  • TALON uses 90% less bait to achieve 60% better efficacy compared to bromadiolone, and 75% less bait to achieve over 25% better efficacy than difenacoum

Clean and easy to use

  • HACCP certified
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor control
  • With a human taste deterrent included, TALON poses minimal risk to humans and animals when placed in inaccessible areas

The Science 

How much TALON is needed for a kill? 

Rodents only need to consume a small amount of TALON’s active ingredient, brodifacoum, for it to take effect. A lethal dose for mice is about 0.2 g; for rats, it’s about 1.3 g. This amounts to only 5% of their typical daily feed intake.

Tips for use 

  • For best results, place baits in stations where rodent activity is noticed and away from children and companion animals. Rodents may feed for up to 3 days, but the first feed is lethal and death will normally occur 4-7 days after bait consumption. 
  • For a cost-effect control program, use the ‘pulsed baiting’ technique. In this process, small quantities of bait are put out at weekly intervals. The bait at the first application (or ‘pulse’) are completely consumed and the rodents are given time to die. Once this has happened, more bait is put out for rodents that did not eat at the first pulse. This process is repeated until there are no further signs of rodent activity (usually 2-3 pulses are sufficient)

The Features

Single feed formulation

Highly palatable, highly durable formulation

HACCP certified

Requires less bait and less labour than most rodenticides

Economical (500 blocks per 10 kg)

Clean and easy to use

High integrity block 

Kills rodents that are resistant to other rodenticides

TALON XT Pro Rodenticide