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Talking Pest control: Quick Tips for Fly Control

Aimee's quick tips for fly control with Demand Duo

We all know the best way to treat flies is with a surface spray and we'd recommend DEMAND DUO Insecticide

With two active ingredients - thiamethoxam and lambda-cyhalothrin - in a unique ZC formulation that combines a suspension concentrate and capsule suspension using iCap technology, DEMAND DUO gives you double power, with a fast knock down and long-lasting residual control. 

Apply DEMAND DUO as a surface spray where flies harbour in and around buildings, especially warm, sunny areas where they often rest. This unique general pest spray can be applied to almost any surface; porous and non-porous, inside and out. Therefore for fly treatment DEMAND DUO can be used to treat key surfaces where flies frequent, like walls, window frames and doorways, bins, loading dock areas, building eaves, animal housing and animal production facilities.

Initial treatment will provide knockdown of flies while providing residual control for up to 90 days even on porous surfaces.

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