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Talking Pest Control: Top 6 benefits of ALTRISET

Aimee & Myechael talk Termites and Altriset

Most pest professionals know the importance of treating termites immediately, before they cause costly damage to a client’s home or place of business.

To achieve this, an impressive product to have up your sleeve is ALTRISET: a technically advanced termiticide that can be used as a direct treatment on active termites, and as a barrier around the property.

Here are the top 6 benefits ALTRISET offers:

1. Stops termites feeding within 2-4 hours, immediately containing the damage.

ALTRISET’s active ingredient, chlorantraniliprole, is scientifically developed to mirror the insecticidal properties of Ryania spp, a native plant of South America. While other termiticides on the market target the nervous system, chlorantraniliprole targets the termite’s muscles. When a termite comes into contact with ALTRISET, it’s jaw muscles lock to immediately prevent the insect from feeding.

2. Kills 100% of termites – both those directly and indirectly exposed – within 14 days.

The ALTRISET-treated zone forms a protective area that reduces termite numbers long after application. When the termites walk through the treated area, they ingest it and carry it on their bodies. The active ingredient is then readily transferred from donor termites (those exposed to termiticide) to recipient termites (those not exposed to termiticide), which results in 100% mortality of all termites within 14 days.

3. Uses termite behaviour to ensure superior transfer, leading to total colony elimination.

Repellent treatments can be problematic as they don’t kill the termites that are already attacking the property, nor do they deal with the colony itself. Alternatively, ALTRISET is a non-repellent product. Once termites ingest or absorb it, they begin to exhibit behaviours such as enhanced grooming and increased contact with other colony members for hours after exposure. This allows unexposed nest mates to aggregate and groom with the ALTRISET-affected termites, transferring the active ingredient throughout the colony.

4. Versatile application options to cover different situations.

Baits may not be taken up by termites, especially if they are placed far apart and termites walk straight past them. They can also fail to provide ongoing protection once removed. Alternatively, ALTRISET can be applied as a foam, direct treatment, or in chemical treatment zones instead of baiting. It is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors – in pre-construction conditions, subfloors, confined spaces and sensitive sites.

5. Exempt from poison scheduling.

While ALTRISET is deadly to termites, it’s friendly for humans and pets, with a very low toxicity to mammals, birds, earthworms and even bees. Professionals applying ALTRISET only require minimal use of PPE, and don’t need to worry about odour or skin irritation. People can also stay in the area while doing the treatment, which means less disruption and a more positive experience for your clients.

6. Protects the house for years and years.

ALTRISET is a proven long-term solution for termites. The registered label, approved by the APVMA, currently has a claim of up to 8 years’ protection south of the Tropic of Capricorn, and 4 years in areas north of the Tropic of Capricorn. It also performed powerfully in field trials in Gosford, NSW, with both high and low doses delivering 100% protection in horizontal and vertical treatments after 8 years.

For more information on how ALTRISET can solve your client’s termite problems, call 1800 022 035 or get in touch with your local Syngenta agent.

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