Talking Pest Control: Selling a Mozzie-Free Summer

Stephen and Aimee discuss DEMAND

It wouldn’t be an Aussie summer without the familiar buzz of mozzies flying around the backyard as sausages cook on the barbie.

While these bothersome little insects can put a dampener on summer activities, they provide a great opportunity for pest control professionals. The prospect of a mosquito-free summer is an appealing prospect for many: parents who deal with kids ridden with bites, residents who wait all winter to finally enjoy their backyard and those who live in regions at risk of mosquito-borne diseases, like Ross River virus.

Take advantage of the demand by adding a mosquito treatment to any general pest control solutions that you offer to residents. It could even lead to ongoing work, as a US study found home-owners who experience a 73% reduction in mosquito exposure through treatment were willing to pay for that service on a regular basis.

Offer complete mozzie control with DEMAND® 100CS

A mosquito treatment with DEMAND® 100CS Insecticide is a great service to offer residents, include on your promotional material, or even upsell to customers while you are on-site doing other treatments. Your customers will appreciate the following benefits:

A mozzie-free summer

With only one treatment, DEMAND® 100CS delivers insect control for up to 12 months indoors and 3 months outdoors, thanks to innovative use of iCAPTM technology. DEMAND® 100CS’s active ingredient, Lambda-Cyhalothrin, is encased in a polymer microcapsule that comes suspended in water. Once you apply DEMAND® 100CS to your target area, over 64,000 microcapsules stick to every square metre of surface, ready to be picked up by insects. The smaller microcapsules release the active ingredient quickly for a fast knock-down effect. The larger microcapsules remain intact for longer, releasing the active ingredient for up to 90 days.

Talking Pest Control: Stephen Spraying Foliage with DEMAND

A versatile solution that you can apply anywhere

DEMAND® 100CS doesn’t just control mozzies; as a broad-spectrum spray, it is effective against a wide range of pest insects, including cockroaches, spiders, ants and flies. You can also use DEMAND® 100CS in many different types of spaces. Following a recent label extension approved by the APVMA, DEMAND® 100CS can be applied outdoors and indoors, on foliage, on ornamental plants and shrubs, on hard surfaces such as outdoor furniture, under decks and in pot plants – making it an ideal solution for homes.

Safe and free from hassle for customers

DEMAND® 100CS Insecticide is HACCP-certified, low-odour and non-staining, which means it won’t ruin your customer’s furniture, or inconvenience them after treatment. They can experience the freedom of a mozzie-free summer without too much hassle, which further adds to the treatment’s appeal.

To find out more about DEMAND® 100CS and how it can benefit your customers, call 1800 022 035 or get in touch with your local Syngenta agent.

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Talking Pest Control: Selling a Mozzie-Free Summer to Your Customers