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Altriset - timber shot

ALTRISET - an economic alternative for termite control.

Effective, non-scheduled termite treatment that is versatile and user-friendly.

ALTRISET is the newest termiticide treatment among Australia’s leading pest control experts for all the reasons listed below and now it gives you and your customers the confidence of an even longer protection period.


  • Kills 100% directly and indirectly exposed termites within 14 days
  • Colony elimination
  • Protects properties for years
  • Does not lock termites in – termites don't die too quickly


  • Chemical treatment zone
  • Direct treatment of active termites as liquid or foam
  • Pre-construction
  • Subfloors and confined spaces
  • Sensitive sites


  • Stops termites feeding within 2-4 hours
  • Unique mode of action


  • Minimal PPE required as per label
  • Low toxicity to mammals, birds, earthworms and bees
  • Low odour and skin irritation



Only a termiticide as advanced as ALTRISET:

Stops termites feeding within hours

Kills 100% of directly and indirectly exposed termites within 14 days

Provides superior transfer for colony control

Has versatile application options to cover different situations – foam, direct treatment, chemical treatment zone and to replace baiting

Protects homes for many years

Is exempt from poison scheduling – minimal use of PPE required to apply it, minimal customer disruption

Deadly to termites but less interruption for you, your customers, their families, pets and the environment