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Shaking things up at Syngenta Professional Pest Management

New Syngenta PPM Team - Victoria, Peter & Carole

A change is as good as a holiday – and at Syngenta PPM this year there is plenty of change to share! Our team has had a reshuffle and a few additions; and we are confident that we have lined up a stellar team moving forward to help you take your business to the next level.

Syngenta are dedicated to delivering the best products and services that support the specific needs of the professional pest management industry. The Syngenta range continues to grow and expand, and the knowledge and support offer behind our products is . The products combat all kinds of pest issues, responsibly and efficiently, providing better solutions for both residential and commercial pest control problems that you face every day.

Australia wide, more and more leading professional pest controllers are seeing the benefits to their businesses of working with Syngenta. Whether it is new products – like the recently launched Demand Duo Insecticide – that are giving them a competitive advantage or support that helps them open up new opportunities, Syngenta is here to support you.

Meet the team

Carole Cast – Business Manager ANZ

Carole joins Syngenta as Business Manager for Professional Pest Management (PPM) with a flair for driving sustainable growth with insight into customer’s unique business challenges. Carole comes with 20 years diverse channel experience focused on business development. Passionate about partnering with channel partners to grow, Carole keeps the customer at the heart of driving value for through improved offers. Recently, Carole gained hands-on experience within a fast-paced start up coupled with experience owning her own business. Having grown up in the outdoors of both New Zealand and Canada, Carole chose to make the beautiful Northern Beaches district of Sydney her home. 

On her new role, Carole says:

“Syngenta is a leading Global business with an understanding of how to utilise innovation to tailor to our local customers. I’m excited to join and lead the ANZ PPM team at Syngenta and work closely with our business partners”


Peter Ambrose-Pearce – Technical Services Lead ANZ

Peter has been with Syngenta for a number of years and has recently accepted a new role as ANZ Technical Services Lead. He will be responsible for supporting our customers with product and industry training, technical advice and trial activity.

Peter commenced his career in pest management in 2004 with Amalgamated Pest Control in Queensland. He initially worked with their residential division, but later moved to a branch on the northern outskirts of Brisbane to take on all facets of pest management. This semi-rural and urban landscape was where Peter spent the next 6 years developing a solid understanding of pest management including commercial, domestic and importantly termite treatments and applications. Peter’s technical knowledge of pest management has been developed in the field and combined with his training as a licensed pest manager in Queensland is a force to be reckoned with. He’s been with Syngenta since 2014 and is excited about his new role within the company.

Peter’s excellent technical abilities practical pest knowledge enables him to assist his customers with in-field problem solving and practical technical training. He’s based in Queensland but will travel nationally in this role. These skills are a great asset to the Syngenta PPM team. To arrange a training session with Peter, contract him either on email [email protected] or on mobile 0428 217 803. 

Victoria Lines-Bushby – Sales Manager ANZ

Victoria began her career in pest control in2003 with Rentokil Initial Australia in Newcastle. As a part of an award-winning branch and team, she built strong skills in sales as well as pest management. With a variety of experience prior to Rentokil in the hospitality and hygiene industries contributing to her broad knowledge base in the field. After moving to Brisbane and finding her feet, Victoria joins the Syngenta PPM team full of energy and excited to get started. Her goal in this role is to develop successful partnerships with my clients and support their business goals and success.

Of her new role, Victoria says:

“Our new team is energised and ready to take Syngenta into the future through great customer support, product quality and technical support for the Professional Pest Operators and distributors.”


Victoria’s strong knowledge of practical pest management enables her to assist Syngenta customers with anything product related. Another amazing asset to the Syngenta PPM team. Don’t hesitate to contact her for a chat either via email [email protected] or mobile 0409 244 220.